Call for proposals - Podcasts

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This call for proposals is intended for creative authors and podcast creators for the development, production, and realization of a podcast series.

Submissions Period: From  January 31, 2024  to April 15, 2024
Selection Period: From March 15, 2024 to March 30, 2024
Public Announcement: On May 6, 2024

Tune in

 If you have a passion for crafting compelling stories, exploring new perspectives, and captivating audiences through the power of podcasting, this is your moment to shine.

Art Culture Studio is reaching out to podcasters, whether you specialize in talk shows, interviews, or any other genre, regardless of your experience level. With funding from the Drosos Foundation, we are committed to fostering creative innovation and supporting emerging talents in the podcasting industry.

Who you are?

A member on the Whale Tribe platform (  
Aged 18-35 years old.  
Able to attend sessions at our Club in Bhar Lazrag, La Marsa.

What’s the deal?

Art Culture Studio will provide you with all the support you need to make your voice heard.


Access to a fully-equipped space with the necessary tools and receiving the required technical assistance.


All selected candidates will receive a monthly compensation. The specific amount will be communicated to each individual participant.


In tandem with supporting your podcast project Art Culture Studio is dedicated to your growth as a creator. Successful applicants will have exclusive access to a tailored training program for you. We believe in investing not just in your project but in your skills, ensuring you have the tools to excel in the dynamic realm of podcasting. This training component is a unique opportunity for creators to enhance their craft, broaden their audience reach, and contribute meaningfully to the podcasting community.This formula is designed to empower artists, fuel creativity, and create a harmonious collaboration between artists and Art Culture Studio.

In addition to music production, effective promotion and communication are vital for success. Art and Culture Studio will offer beneficiaries the following:

- Professional photo shoots
- Promotion on our social platforms
- Podcast distribution on Whale Radio & Whale Tribe

Establishment of a contract and the creation of their dedicated bank account.Artist’s copyright protection.

What We Expect From You?

To ensure the success of this collaboration, we rely on your active engagement, creativity, and unwavering motivation throughout the entire journey. Here are the key details:

- Podcaster Commitment: Each participating podcaster is expected to dedicate a 3-month engagement period to this project.
- Production Timeline: During this period, podcasters will produce one season, comprising a total of 6 episodes
- Monthly Output: Podcasters will be responsible for releasing 2 episodes per month.
- Episode Duration: The duration of each episode is expected to range from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Now, you just …

Creat your Whale Tribe account :
Fill out the application form

Seize the opportunity to amplify your podcasting journey with Art and Culture Studio – where creativity meets support. Let's turn your ideas into captivating episodes and create a podcasting experience that resonates far and wide. Submit your proposal and let the magic begin! 🎧✨

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